Welcome to Backgrounds *By Julia*. You may use any of my websets; please
download and save the zip file to your hard drive, right click and choose
"save" or "save as". All I ask is that you please use one of my small logos
that are located here and display it on the pages where you use my graphics.
If you don't want to use the logos, please use a text link.
I feel that's not much to ask for, as it does take a lot of time to make these
sets free -for use for everyone. I don't care which logo you use.


These my websets may not be altered in any way and/or be included in any post-
card site or graphic collection. If there are any Artist graphic on my webset -
you have to link back to the artist. Dont mix my websets with others.
Thanks Julia 

Please read the Terms Of Use before using any of my Background Sets or Graphics.
Always check *What's New* at Backgrounds by Julia- to see what new sets I've
added- and I will add a lot, believe me.

If you like your own webset I will create special for you, from the scratch
and to customized for you -than you have to pay for your own webset $50 Dollars.
The photoglobe will be free of charge.
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